Where do you fit on the lateness scale?

Are you anxiously early, or annoyingly late, or are you one of the majority who has an easy relationship with punctuality?  Take this quick 10 question quiz to find out where you fit on the scale.


1. When I’m not working at it, the surface of my desk:

2. When I go to a regular activity or class:

3. If something unexpected happens to interrupt my work schedule:

4. If I’m expecting a visitor, and they don’t arrive on time:

5. When doing domestic chores:

6. When working out how long it will take to do a job:

7. When I go on vacation:

8. When I’m doing a job or hobby which creates a mess:

9. If someone has offered to pick me up from home:

10. If I’m given a job with a long deadline:

Where you fit on the lateness scale?
Mostly A's

You get very irritated by people who are late, and can’t understand why they don’t fix the problem. You plan your time carefully, and can get obsessive about the need to be early. You are probably finding it difficult to live with someone who is always late. If you want to understand why people are late, and learn some strategies to help you manage the negative impact on your life, browse the partner section of this site. If you want to know more, read the book LATE!.
Mostly B's

You are well-organized and don’t find it difficult to be on time. You would think it a waste of time to be early for everything. You can get frustrated with people who hold you up because they are late. The majority of the population are like you. You struggle to understand the A’s and C’s in your life. Browse this site to get some perspective on other people’s issues with punctuality. If you want to learn more, read the book LATE! A Timebender's guide to why we are late and how we can change.
Mostly C's

You don’t enjoy being late, and would like to arrive on time ALL the time. Unless you have an important appointment, you rarely arrive early. You are late more often than you like to admit. You believe you get a lot more done at the last minute than people who are always early and waiting around, doing nothing. Browse this site for more insights into your behavior, and to find practical ways to improve your relationship with time. If you want to learn more, read LATE! A Timebender's guide to why we are late and how we can change.
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I like the way it steers away from the conventional idea that it’s just a ‘lack of discipline’. I found the tips insightful, practical and easy to implement.”
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