LATE! A Timebender’s guide to why we are late and how we can change is packed with insights and ideas to help change your life.  Unlike a classic self help book it doesn’t tell you to use more willpower – instead it explains the patterns of behavior which make people late, and shows ways of circumventing them.

It is short and funny and bursting with useful ideas. 

This book could help you keep your job or save your relationship!


PART ONE – Why Can’t We Be on Time? 

  • Welcome to Our Secret Society
  • Time for a Quiz
  • A Window on Our World 
  • Don’t Close That Door!
  • Who Wants to Eat Worms?
  • Can I Take Your Order?
  • Our Topsy-Turvy World
  • To Do or Not To Do?
  • Pile on the Pressure!
  • Beware the Demon Deadline Shaver
  • It’s About Time
  • Our Secret Scale of Acceptable Lateness
  • The Blame Game
  • Clocking Up the Minutes
  • A Brief History of Time
  • The Timebender’s Big Black Hole
  • Excuses, Excuses!


PART TWO– The Timebender’s Toolbox

Tried and Tested Tips to Get You There on Time


  1. Always ask for a Deadline
  2. Involve Other People
  3. Take off your Watch
  4. Make a Ulysses Contract
  5. Commit to Doing a Draft Before the Finished Article
  6. Break a Task into Mini-Deadlines
  7. Set Your Deadlines When You’re Calm 
  8. Create a False Ending
  9. Set Up an Earlier Deadline Before a Big Event
  10. Have Something to Do While You’re Waiting


  1. Always Have an Untidy Desk
  2. Start with the Fun Stuff and Do the Work Later
  3. Give Yourself a Double Bind
  4. Look for the Carrots
  5. Start Early
  6. Don’t Interrupt the Flow
  7. Get Ready the Night Before
  8. Beware the Voodoo Power of Lists
  9. Calm Your Inner Rebel
  10. Beware Bad Habits


PART THREE – Timebending Through Life

  • Family Life
  • Relationships 
  • College
  • Travel
  • Hobbies and Pastimes
  • Commuting to Work
  • Working from Home
  • Good Careers for Timebenders
  • Retirement / Lone Timebending


PART FOUR– Delving Deeper

  • Why Do We Do It?
  • Do We Work Better Under Pressure?
  • Are We Hooked?
  • Can Therapy Help?


PART FIVE– Guidelines for Partners

  • The Nightmare of Living with a Timebender
  • Guidelines for Living with a Timebender
  • How to Stay Friends with a Timebender


PART SIX – The Timebender’s Workbook

What’s Next for Timebenders?

  1. How to Beat the Demon Deadline Shaver – A 10 Step Guide 
  2. Draw Up Your Personal Secret Scale of Acceptable Lateness
  3. Check Out the Opposition
  4. Measuring Time
  5. Check In to Your Feelings – Check Out Your Closure Anxiety
  6. Moment of Truth

Assess Your Progress

Final Thoughts

“So much more inspiring than typical time management books and it adds a missing dimension to Stephen Covey’s work. And for me, the tips on how to use deadlines and manage distractions are spot on!”
Catherine Stothart

Leadership Coach and Author of “How to Get On with Anyone”

“A great book for someone who has just been struck with how their behaviour impacts others and would like to keep their job, marriage or friendship, but without losing themselves.”
Stephen Martin

Head of EMEA, Frank Lynn & Associates

“In a world where most people play multiple roles and interact with hundreds of people, LATE! provides unique insights that promote mutual understanding on a dimension seldom discussed.”
Susan Heintz

President, Channel Management Professionals LLC

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