Here are the twenty tricks to get you to your goal on time, taken from LATE! A Timebender’s guide to why we are late and what we can change


Deadline Tip 1: Always ask for a Deadline

Deadline Tip 2: Involve Other People

Deadline Tip 3: Take off your Watch

Deadline Tip 4: Make a Ulysses Contract

Deadline Tip 5: Commit to Doing a Draft Before the Finished Article 

Deadline Tip 6: Break a Task into Mini-Deadlines 

Deadline Tip 7: Set Your Deadlines When You’re Calm 

Deadline Tip 8: Create a False Ending

Deadline Tip 9: Set Up an Earlier Deadline Before a Big Event

Deadline Tip 10: Have Something to Do While You’re Waiting


Distraction Tip 1: Always Have an Untidy Desk

Distraction Tip 2: Start with the Fun Stuff and Do the Work Later

Distraction Tip 3: Give Yourself a Double Bind

Distraction Tip 4: Look for the Carrots

Distraction Tip 5: Start Early

Distraction Tip 6: Don’t Interrupt the Flow

Distraction Tip 7: Get Ready the Night Before

Distraction Tip 8: Beware the Voodoo Power of Lists

Distraction Tip 9: Calm Your Inner Rebel

Distraction Tip 10: Beware Bad Habits

Change your life! Read the book!