Timebending - a fresh look at lateness.

Do you try not to be late, but it just keeps happening?

Are you tired of dealing with late people?

Learn the three golden rules.

Where do you fit on the lateness scale?

Take our quiz to discover whether you are a Timebender.

What is Timebending?

Timebending is a fresh look at lateness.

One in 5 people struggle to be on time, and would love to change their lateness habit.
So how come it keeps happening? If you are a Timebender, you will know that the advice “just leave earlier” is no help at all. Reasons for being habitually late are far more complex, and much harder to fix.

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“LATE! A Timebender’s guide to why we are late and how we can change” is a fascinating read, whether or not time is a problem for you. 

Wendy Berliner

Award-winning Journalist, The Guardian

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